The firm’s activities include: the drawing of contracts (sales contracts, exchange contracts, division of assets, donations, life annuities, mortgages, financing lease and other kinds of financings, stocks and shares transfers, ongoing transfers, etc.) company and non-profit organisation formations, by-laws modifications, shareholders meetings of listed and unlisted companies, assistance in the closing phase of company acquisitions and in M&A operations (capital increase, pledge on shares, on brands, on credits, mergers, demergers, contributions, etc.) planning of personal and family assets, consulting to family offices and to private bankers, consulting on inheritance, drawing of wedding contracts, consulting on the protection of personal and family assets, consulting on civil and tax law concerning contracts, company operations and personal asset planning. 







The Notary is responsible to set up companies, modify articles of associations, record meetings of shareholders and directors, provide advice and assistance in corporate restructuring, M & A, prepare contracts and plan operations for the sale of company or shares.

The firm provides tax advisory and consulting regarding intergenerational passage of businesses and assets in general.

The Notary is responsible for preparing the sales contracts, advising clients during the pre-contractual and contractual negotiatons, for conclusion of contracts of sale, exchange, division, donation, lease, and in general contracts for the transfer of real estate.

The Notary is responsible for providing advice in matters of succession, receive wills and assist in the preparation and submission of declarations of succession. The study provides consultancy in the field of intergenerational transition of assets and companies in the field of the family pact.




The Notary is responsible for advices in family law and agreement, for deed regarding separation of assets and communion conventional, for consulting and preparation of the bottom sheet and family trust.

The Notary is responsible for the preparation of contracts of association, of acts of foundation and, in general for advice and assistance to non profit.

The Notary is responsible for consulting in the field of separation and segregation of assets through both civil code instruments and through the establishment of trust.


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